Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sins of the Flesh (OAV) (Uncen) ENG

Alternative title:
Holy Sacrifice
Ikenie (Japanese)
聖贄 (いけにえ) (Japanese)
Genres: erotica

Plot Summary: Adolpho has his heart set on a life of service to God, that is untill he met the engaged village girl Michaella. After that innocent encounter, Adolpho starts getting midnight visits from a hedonistic devil that appeears startlingly like Michaella. Confused, Adolpho decides to confront Michaella with his new feelings, which can lead to dire consequences for both.

Running time: 30 minutes
Number of episodes: 1
Vintage: 1999-04-30

Official website:
Digital Works' official Ikenie page (Adults Only) (Japanese)
Bundled with Bondage House and Erotic Torture Chamber in Media Blasters' The Best of Kitty Vol. 4 DVD release.

Video: DivX 5 640x480 29.97fps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo
Subtitle: UTF-8 Eng

Link :[E0D5D838].mkv.html