Thursday, March 21, 2013

Erotic Torture Chamber (OAV) (Uncen) ENG

Alternative title:
Princess Road: Bara to Dokuro no Monshō (Japanese)
プリンセス ロード〜薔薇と髑髏の紋章〜 (Japanese)
Genres: erotica, fantasy
Themes: bdsm, futanari, humiliation, prisoner, rape

Plot Summary: Yurie, princess of Asronia is kidnapped on her way to a celebration in the kingdom of Gostaria by the dragon forces of the Demon Dragon King. Yurie's bodyguard, Maya, survives the attack, and has vowed to rescue Yurie no matter the cost. Untill then, however, Yurie must endure the Demon Dragon King's sexual depravations.

Running time: 45 minutes
Number of episodes: 1
Vintage: 1994-12-23
Bundled with Bondage House and Sins of the Flesh in Media Blasters' The Best of Kitty Vol. 4 DVD release.
Video: DivX 5 640x480 29.97fps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo
Subtitle: UTF-8 Eng
File :