Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Putting a load on Zoey Nixon's toes

Dorky but sexy Zoey Nixon wants to show off her shoes and feet to you. She is wearing colorful platform heels with purple fishnet thigh highs, but she soon removes the shoes so that you can have a better look at her feet. Her toes sort of poke out through the stockings.
Zoey asks you to masturbate for her and she tells you it turns her on to watch a man jack it to her feet. You think about the texture of her stockings as they rub up and down your cock, but your favorite thing is to feel bare feet against your dick. Zoey knows this, so she slides down her stockings just for you. Her long toes need to be in your mouth. Your dick is growing harder in your hand as she teases you with her feet. She tells you to suck on all of her toes, and to be sure to lick between each toe. She bends and flexes her feet and you notice their perfection. Your dick rubs against her feet and she encourages you to cum all over her feet. Your hand works a huge load of spunk onto her feet and she thanks you for your efforts.

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