Thursday, April 4, 2013

Goddess Roxi - Boys will be toys

Goddess Roxi - Boys will be toys
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Boys will be toys. That's all they are good for. Nothing else. Goddess Roxi has known this for a long time. That's why she specializes in the education and training, of males, to become personal toys. Slaves are nothing but instruments of sexual pleasure (they come in handy as toilets too, but that's another story). Roxi loves to masturbate, no slave can pleasure her pussy the way she does, but her bitch can come in useful, as she loves having her anus stimulated at the same time as her pussy. It results in the most intense orgasms, and what an honor for a slave to know he has played a small role in her sexual satisfaction.

In this scene the slave has been fitted with a mouth gag, that has a cock on one end, in his mouth, and an anal probe on the other, to massage and probe her asshole. The bitch knows to do it right and soon she is in the zone and stimulating her pussy with a dildo (probably while thinking of fucking her stud boyfriend), and on her way to an amazing orgasm. A foot massage from a second slave enhances her pleasure even more.

This is a fantastic clip for slaves that want to learn new ways to please the Superior in their life, it will actually stimulate your brain, and definitely stimulate your 'little' brain as well.


Goddess Roxi - Boys will be toys

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