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Mistress Joanne

Mistress Joanne lives at
In her earlier recordings, she is something of an anti-Isabella

You get the feeling that Isabella would start a recording
over if she felt that the footsteps of a fly walking on the ceiling
were too loud.  If a stack of dishes fell off the counter while
Mistress Joanne was recording, she would throw in a line like "You
notice how the sound of breaking china sends you deeper into trance"
and keep on.  She can get away with this because her voice is very
strong, and her scenarios are compelling (and often kinky).  [Her
later recordings are more technically sophisticated.]

She is strongly into smoking fetish, but those sessions warn you
what they are, and apparently largely don't try to get you to take
up the weed.

I should note that Mistress Joanne's sessions are generally quite
a bit longer than the typical hypnodomme session.  While the "industry
standard" seems to be about 30 min, her recordings are almost always
over 40 min and often over an hour.  I should also note that she
would like you to start with "Basic Seduction".

Anatomy of the Submissive Psyche.mp3

   We as humans are creatures of habit...we tend to repeat
   certain routines and follow certain external cues that help
   to structure these routines...but often these patterns are
   dictated and mapped out far beneath the surface of your, I take the time to cut to the quick
   and demonstrate to you just HOW well I DO know you...and
   how you tick...when you need the patterns
   begin to emerge and you may know it's coming, that submissive
   wave...that irrepressible urge...the one you cannot stop
   and needn't bother even explaining how your
   patterns work internally I allow you to feel so free that
   you can experience both the mind/body connection and then
   the mind/body disconnection...this will be most surreal,
   pets...but not to worry for I make it so easy for you in
   this place where I think for you and tell you what to say
   and believing what you say will affect other patterns in
   your physical anatomy...I make you love chanting for Me
   while your blank mind is reframed by Yours truly...there
   are multiple loops and your mind will choose one if not
   more to not only lock in upon but REMAIN locked in upon
   until I decide hour of deep mindbending
   hypnosis for brainwashing afficionados, part-time participants
   and the helplessly hardcore hypnoslaves who are so hooked
   already that the decision to listen to this recording has
   already been it now and experience the
   most rare intensity that your life lacks without Me.

   Length    60
   Price:    $45.00


   Have you ever felt the desire to feel other than human? Do
   you ever wish you could just think, act and feel like a
   barbie doll? Does the thought of being transformed into a
   shell of your former self excite you? Are you wishing to
   have your flesh shape shift into cool hard plastic? It might
   feel good to be empty and hollow and it may bring out the
   most in your submissive desires to no longer even feel
   human...because, as we all know, dolls are unthinking,
   unfeeling and unmoving...unless posed by it's Owner...I can
   be that Owner if you are compelled to experience
   will have a growing need to wear a red babydoll and matching
   thong and if male, a sexy red wig as well...if My red
   controlling words are already in your head, then I think
   red should be on your head as well...and in trance I suggest
   that each time you wear the red babydoll, thong and wig,
   you instantly become My babydoll for 30 that
   time, I will pull your string and make the little dolly
   inside speak...let Me deepen My control within you like
   wish for Me to...become My sexy lil' babydoll.

   Length    54
   Price:    $40.00


   This is your introduction to Mistress Joanne's uniquely
   intense form of psychological seduction...Post-hypnotic
   triggers are locked deeply within your open subconscious
   mind so that your inevitable return to deep trance with
   Mistress Joanne will happen more suddenly and profoundly...deeper
   and you become more and more comfortably helpless
   surrendering your will and relinquishing control to Mistress
   Joanne with each deliciously compelling repetition. (BASIC

   Length    27
   Price:    $20.00


   There are times when I wish to hear My submissives whimpering
   as they confirm the acceptance of My commands, but sometimes
   I want silent action...I remember seeing a perpetual motion
   device when I was young...looked like a bird in a top hat
   resting on a glass of would simply tip it ever
   so slightly and it was set into repetitive, perpetual
   motion...bobbing up and down that visual?
   Good, keep locked in on it as you consider how this applies
   to you, My pet...techno fetish lovers rejoice! it applies
   specifically to My femme sluts, dolls and bimbos...My eager
   horny slavegirls are lured one by one to My parlor for an
   extreme makeover...I take you thru the feminization
   transformation process, including a special facial peel not
   to mention so many hypnotic items in My parlor that there's
   no where to look where you don't see trance gleaming into
   your sleepy little eyes...once I've emptied your mind
   sufficiently, you take on a most mechanical demeanor...void
   of thought, personality...a mere object, an Owned object,
   My Owned object, My mindlessly mechanical toy...soon you
   are bobbing your head in constant agreement with Me...leaving
   you most defenseless to do anything else BUT...keep bobbing
   up and down...up and down...I make you wear The Mask, using
   some of its triggers while also using triggers from
   Babydoll...and while the takeover is not hostile in the
   least, it IS constant, total and, I properly
   and thoroughly train you as Bobbi the Blowjob
   matter what I put in from of Bobbi, she mindlessly bobs and
   sucks like any happy slut obediently does, but being a
   mechanical toy she is too hollow and empty to realize how
   deeply she's cumming in multiple orgasms from the pleasure
   of mindless obedience to Me...prepare for intense confusion,
   extremely deep trance and very little clarity in your
   conscious' recollection or lack thereof should I say...which
   isn't to say that you won't return again and again and
   again...this is a demonstration of how interwoven and
   connected My recordings this case, the commonality
   is ultra-feminine objectification, giving Me yet another
   tool to use on multiple levels to enslave you to My service
   and seeing the changes in you that I set into motion...I
   can just see you now wearing the mask and bobbing while
   impaled on My dolly pole...I think I'll take pictures.

   Length    71
   Price:    $50.00

Collectively Bound.mp3

   Ready for another spellbinding descent into submissive
   feminity, girlies? Then do as you always do and follow
   Mistress Joanne on a sensual and supremely surreal stream
   of consciousness to where you are taken as deep as you can
   go...once fully enchanted by My voice, the dream sequence
   begins as you are sent to your boudoir...where good girls
   go...becoming lost in fixation in the shifting mirror you
   see find a discover how each of
   you aspires to be as ultra- feminine as deeply drained of
   thought so literally form a link...and at the
   moment I display My control over your helplessly softening
   mind, you both become elegantly and Collectively
   full of the need to deepen each others obedience to Me...making
   each other more pretty, more sexy, practicing and
   training...playing together to prep a proper slut in case
   I should want to use her void...each conditioning each other
   to condition each other like an endless merry-go-round
   though I must tell you, girls, you may never wish to get
   off the love being a passenger...and you love
   the idea of being Collectively the cogs in a
   well-oiled machine...blissful bimbos bouncing in nympho-like
   rapture...selflessly giving all control to all
   to The Collective...the ever-expanding Collective...Come
   for your training now, girls. Become one.

   Length    53
   Price:    $40.00

Controlled Masturbation.mp3

   I will seduce you yet again, slave...and take further command
   of that libido which I flood with obedient'll
   listen while starting to wank and that's going to play right
   into My hypnotic hands, darling...this trance will change
   the way you masturbate PERMANENTLY, leaving that part of
   you where it must MY control...extensive fractionation
   is implemented to the point where you may likely be unsure
   whether you're asleep, awake or sleepily awake or wakefully
   asleep...orgasm is to be a pinnacle of submission, not a
   daily fix, slave...come here and learn it properly.

   Length    45
   Price:    $35.00

Devoted Fan.mp3

   Something I thoroughly enjoy when dealing with the feminization
   of submissive males is the notion that I can bring out your
   feminine desires and cause them to surface virtually anywhere,
   including the places you'd least expect...for men, there
   are few things more masculine than football...I also take
   a wicked satisfaction in knowing that when you're in My
   presence, practically EVERYTHING becomes a trance...and as
   deep hypnotic sleep descends upon you right there at the
   game, your internally feminine focus is drawn naturally to
   the cheerleaders...admiring everything about them until you
   eventually BECOME one of front of 100,000 cheering
   fans...making you fill with devotion for your team...using
   your sexy and athletic body to perform and entertain
   fans...mindless perfection in each deeply conditioned move
   you make...somewhat plastic and maybe robotic...performing
   moves you know in your sleep from sheer repetition and
   practice...the game slows down while you are on display as
   I deepen My control inside of you...cheering touchDOWN after
   touchDOWN...even every first DOWN...even taking you to the
   victory afterparty where you become the center of attention
   in the most naughty of ways...all for the
   selflessly to the team...serving and servicing the members
   of the team...loving to score...needing more and more...become
   My sexy naughty bimboish cheerleader and when you do, I can
   promise you this much, a devoted football fan,
   devoted to the team, devoted to the collective and devoted
   to Mistress Joanne...with Her programmed drones decked out
   in scarlet and will NEVER EVER watch a football
   game the same way again. GO BUCKS!!!

   Length    56


   Remastered with no fewer than 15 multi-tracked subtle layers,
   I've finally done justice to one of My most intense, I have removed the brainwave generator
   effect from this recording as, here's the scenario,
   My dear...I'm going to make it very very simple for
   I take you down deeper than ever before, I will TELL you
   what to DO and you will DO whatever I may TELL you to...when
   you DO, you'll be able to TELL how good surrendering to My
   overpowering control feels for you...then the smoky seduction
   begins...following My silhouette down an endless spiral
   staircase...following a sweet lingering trail of smoke...even
   if smoke has previously repelled you, I assure you that
   you'll find the experience most pleasurable...luring you
   all the way down...having no control...making no
   choices...surrendering yourself into pure lustful and
   obedient carnality in all its ecstatically blurred glory...all
   the while, I can TELL you have lost all will to not submit
   to Me so fully in the most deeply intense and complete'll discover just how much you feel safe
   sharing your deepest hypnotic fantasies with Me...I want
   to hear all about it, slave...perhaps I'll end up using
   that against your mind as tell, tell!

   Length    53 Minutes
   Price:    $40.00


   This session is interconnected to My highly popular Mindless
   Drone series...because I absolutely love it when you agree
   with Me, I make it exceedingly easy for you to do so...whatever
   I ask, your response is always the same...yes Ma'
   this session, before you know it, you're plunging headlong,
   deep into hypnotic surrender...this is one of the deepest
   trances I've crafted yet and with very good
   have this desire...this need for Me take your will away yet make the outer world disappear so that you may
   plummet into My ache to be able to put aside
   all potential distractions in doing so...because you know
   that I want this as well and it will please Me for you to
   be uninhibited and without distraction so that you can best
   receive My words and therefore, best serve Me...this recording
   assists in removing said inhibitions and distractions...for
   you see, while you are in My presence, I want no
   other memories getting in the way...cluttering
   your do that, I will help you remove all obstacles
   to deep hypnotic surrender to Me, which is what W/we both
   want in the first deleting all that is unnecessary
   during O/our time together, your mind can become the epitome
   of focus so that I truly have and sustain your undivided
   attention...admit it, slave...your fantasies sometimes
   include being brainwashed...succumbing to My relentlessly
   the picture? Exactly! Whether you're seeking an intense
   mindfuck, seeking to become a better hypnotic subject and
   submissive or both, Erase is right on the button...Click

   Length    52 Minutes
   Price:    $40.00


   A free loss-leader from her home page.

Glory Whore.mp3

   One moment you're looking at a candle...the next, you see
   the lights on the road where you're driving at night...en
   route to the adult video store...strangely drawn and horny,
   looking for some porn, no doubt...Joanne's Boutique d'Erotique
   was essentially brainwashing boutique #1...and entry into
   this domain should be considered boutique #2...expect the
   intensely surreal in your hypno-feminization...I already
   know all of My femme bimbo sluts will be unable to resist
   the need to hear this training...afterall, I made you...I
   programmed you...and now, you'll suit My twisted purposes
   even more obediently than ever...come to the glory hole and
   be Mistress Joanne's glory whore.

   Length    43
   Price:    $35.00


   Two questions to ponder: How intensely will I scramble your
   mind when I decide to unleash My vast and dizzying array
   of triggers upon you all at the same time, My slave?
   And...what could happen to you if you were to meet Me at a
   hypnosis conference? Now combine these two scintillating
   queries and you have Itchy Trigger Finger...deep hypnotic
   conditioning for those who have come to expect only the
   very best from Mistress can I top Myself? how
   can you go any deeper into hypnosis than I've already taken
   you? all I'm going to tell you is to prepare for extreme
   overload, My plaything...elevator...going downnnnnnn...all
   told, I use triggers from dozens of My previous hypnotic
   creations to take even a greater control of you where it
   really counts...and if you should happen to have recordings
   such as Mindless Drone, Erase, Kneel Before My Stilettos,
   MJ-Ultra, Tunnel Vision, Spiral of Obedience, substance...and
   too many more to count, then you can experience the FULL
   effect! Prepare to be dazed and confused to the point where
   you lose all control to Me...again.

   Length    52 Minutes
   Price:    $40.00

Joanne's Boutique d'Erotique.mp3

   With the holiday in full swing, this recording is one that
   many men will be able to relate to...a full day of Christmas
   shopping...getting in and out each store as fast as
   possible...hours on your feet yet running ahead of schedule...a
   little time to kill...that's when you see My lingerie store,
   Joanne's Boutique Erotique...and it's so cold outside...looks
   awfully warm and RED in there... Once lured inside, it's a
   dream come true for those who love silk and satin...even
   leather and lace...and this recording is designed to cater
   either to those who wish to WEAR sexy lingerie and feel a
   full feminine transformation (only in the trance state) OR
   it also allows for those who only crave the touch and feel
   of these fabrics without actually WEARING the garments...two conscious memory...Happy Holidaze!

   Length    54
   Price:    $40.00


   So many slaves have begged Me for the supreme mindfuck and
   here it is, but I must first you really want this?
   really? are you quite sure? you certainly had better be or
   else you will be in way, and I mean WAY, over your head,
   My dear...I have surprises for you, slave...but I will tell
   you this much...think clinical precision...think massive
   confusion/ essence, think brainwashing...although
   not a requirement, I recommend listening to the Mindless
   Drone series, phases 1-4, as well as Erase before MJ-Ultra
   for optimal effect...this is My most potent creation to've been duly warned!

   Length    67 Minutes
   Price:    $45.00

Mindless Drone 4ever.mp3

   Newly remastered in eight multi-layered tracks!! Quite the
   mind scrambler...if you need a description for this, you're
   not ready for it, slave.

   Length    87
   Price:    $55.00

Mindless Drone-phase 3.mp3

   My MOST diabolic induction yet...and you know that My control
   has already begun to deprogram and re-program you...I would
   say be very careful in proceeding...because you will be
   changed...forever...permanently by Me...but it's far too
   late for that now, isn't it, My drone? this is extreme deep
   deep hypnosis...deeper than you have ever gone
   before...brainwashing...but then, you are welcoming that
   prospect more and more...delving into labyrinth of linguistics
   or perhaps a linguistics flooded labyrinth...triggering you
   into robotic obedience...aligning your personality to best
   suit the good of The Collective...for the greater will I disorient and
   detach you from all other stimuli...dissecting your mind
   with cold but seductive precision...laser-like probing into
   the inner core of your psyche, programming you with
   input...irresistible input that reminds you of your proper
   place...molds your beliefs and thought patterns...welcome
   to The Collective...and by all means, do let Me give you
   the grand tour, drone.

   Length    74
   Price:    $50.00

Mindless Drone-phase2.mp3

   Toying with your psyche, I compel you back follow
   this chosen course of yours...moving to phase two as I
   teasingly expose just how little resistance remains in
   you...leaving you barren of self-restraint...eager to serve
   Me...only able to please Me...programmed to obey Me...seeing
   yourself at My feet...naked...kneeling...eyes vacant and
   empty as I amuse Myself by making you release over and over
   again...on an off like a faucet...and you will know no more
   desirable place to be...slipping happily and helplessly
   into blind obedience to Mistress Joanne.

   Length    51
   Price:    $40.00

Mindless Drone.mp3

   See yourself being swept away and enraptured as you sink
   deep inside to a special little training room that Mistress
   Joanne uses for Her slaves craving a more intense type of
   training...all senses become engaged and subsequently
   entangled as you become more and more helplessly disoriented...and
   slowly...methodically...irreversibly...becoming a mindless
   drone to Mistress Joanne...your entire life serving as the
   blueprint to guide you to blissful, mindless and automatic
   obedience to Mistress Joanne now and forever...there is NO
   going back after this...merely the fulfillment of destiny.

   Length    53
   Price:    $40.00

Mistress Joanne-Voyeur.mp3

   You want to be closer to Me...I know you do...and you're
   becoming oh so very curious to know see what I'm
   seeing...I bet that you may even feel the need to feel what
   I'm know that I am
   watching...feeling...touching...there's a part of Me that
   I desire to share with you...and to do this, I needed to
   let go of My inhibitions and open learn more, I
   expect no less of you, My little you'll
   discover, I'm not much for simply being a mere fly on the
   wall and yet it's most subtle...need more details? I must
   tell you that you'll not recall the details of this trance
   on a conscious level anyway, rendering it a moot point...but
   at least your subconscious mind will have pristine recall
   if that's of any consolation...smirks...cum be a virtual
   voyeur with Me, and you shall know even more about your
   deliciously wicked Mistress...

   Length    51
   Price:    $40.00


   I'm sure that those of you with a insatiable craving for
   forced feminization might consider this trance training
   session to be a curse, but trust Me when I tell you, pet,
   that this is without a doubt a gift...a profound gift...a
   priceless gift...when it comes to your own feelings of
   submissive femininity, you've always been drawn back to the
   pandora's box of your own fantasies...fantasies where your
   masculinity is stripped away, layer by you are
   shape-shifted and molded to My immaculate design...transformed
   into My lesbian slavegirl while deeply hypnotized, you will
   be the epitome of acquiescence...delving into the abyss of
   your inner mind, you simply cannot resist the
   want to know just what's inside this box...daydreaming
   already about what will happen once you open sense
   what's going to happen to you...yet is it possible that you
   have already opened it? I'll explain that later...but first
   you must open this box, Pandora's Box, My sweet submissive

   Length    52 Minutes
   Price:    $40.00

Supreme Surrender.mp3

   It's called fractionation for those of you who are not
   aware...the process by which a hypnotist induces trance in
   a rapid-fire succession to deeper trance and response by
   the subject...taken by Me into a very deep trance only to
   be awakened and quickly dropped back's known that
   this technique is most effective for deepening and intensifying
   the trance experience and has always been one of My
   favorites...naturally, each time you fall further than you
   just did and the recollection is more blurry upon each
   return to wakefulness...that is, until I trigger you
   again...and again...taking hold of your libido more each
   time I return you to a deeper, more completely submissive
   and obedient trance...if you wish to feel My control more
   intensely, and I know that you do, I'd highly recommend
   this induction...if you do not want Me to take control of
   your libido even more than I already have, then look
   elsewhere, because after this, it's all MINE!!!

   Length    51
   Price:    $40.00

TV Takeover, tv Makeover.mp3

   By now, My femme sluts are accustomed to feeling a certain
   way when they listen to My voice...expecting My voice to
   soothe gently take away their worries and silly
   cluttered thoughts...and maybe watching the "boob tube"...the
   TV...seeing sexy models receiving instruction...given
   makeovers...transformations...soon it is YOU who is transfixed,
   transferred and thus transformed...right thru the screen
   with the soft red pulsing flashing light...not aware initially
   that it's Mistress Joanne giving the makeover...Hostess of
   the show...Mistress of the ceremonies...I draw you in and
   soon you're experiencing the sexy makeover...trapped in the
   TV...trapped inside whilst I change the channel and poof,
   you are on the adult channel like a Playboy sex bunny at
   the photo shoot...still lost in the flashing red sexy
   mesmerizing light of the camera...the channel changes again
   and it's a XXX orgy and you're the sluttiest whore of them
   all...servicing men and women time and time again...performing
   free of limit and inhibition, mindlessly obeying Me as you
   are molded into My most reliable on cue sextoy and
   slavegirl...the men circle around you as you prepare for
   the MONEY SHOT! Give yourself to Me in this most twisted
   and deliriously mind-bending and gender- bending way...Better
   do your best to not forget this now because conscious
   recollection will be fleeting, faint and then finished...I
   now return you to your regularly scheduled femininization
   sexslave programming.

   Length    49
   Price:    $35.00

The Call.mp3

   I've had countless conversations with pets and wannabe pets
   who had reservations about listening to mp3's because they
   lacked a certain intimacy...craving the intensity of My
   live energy...craving that live one-on-one interaction with
   Me...this recording allows you to enter the mind of a
   collared slave...a mindless slut...responding to Me live...a
   slut who is becoming obedient mindfucked perfection...if
   you listen to closely or too long, you will become a mindless
   slut him...or her...or it,
   served Me very well in this deliriously exciting session...and
   will as long as I wish it will you once you listen
   and heed...The Call.

   Length    53
   Price:    $40.00

The Mask.mp3

   Think first of a sci-fi/horror scenario where a man finds
   a mysterious mask...this mask is a cursed mask and strange
   supernatural forces are at work to lure him to wear the
   mask...once he does he becomes lost in a world of technocolor
   and mindlessly enslaved euphoria...the focus is on his
   struggle within...the voices that won't stop telling him
   what he thinks...until he and the mask become one in the
   same...NOW, think of exaggerated feminization...think of
   objectification...think of transformation...put all this
   together and you have The Mask.

   Length    65
   Price:    $45.00

The Power Of Proof mixdown.mp3

   In any successful Dominant/submissive relationship, there
   is always a critical and defining moment that occurs...especially
   in this online is a moment of true realization...for
   many, an epiphany...I call this The Power Of Proof...because
   as much as My pets feel utterly enamored with My hypnotic
   control, there can be the tiniest inkling of doubt...maybe
   even less than 1% that is believe that I have
   a power over've already felt it...yet until you
   see Me face-to-face, one can never be 100% certain...until this real? is this just mere role play? do I really
   enjoy controlling you as much as I say I do? am I as sensually
   hypnotic as I appear to be? Upon meeting Me, that question
   is immediately word...says it
   all...and for the luckiest of slaves, an opportunity to Me
   presents opportunity to serve kneel
   before Me...this mp3 employs pre-existing triggers and
   relentlessly multi-tracked subliminals and provides a crystal
   clear vision of My hypnotic control over you...a profound
   demonstration of the power of proof.

   Length    50 Minutes
   Price:    $40.00

The Touch.mp3

   As far as I'm concerned, there are some who simply have the
   proverbial "touch"...and some who do not...and there are
   so many forms of touch...there's the touch of warm soothing
   fingertips massaging your scalp...flowing liquidly down
   through your flesh from head to toe...where powerful energy
   can be exchanged...exchanged for the pleasure of obedience
   to Me...and then there is the ability to touch one more have "The Touch" is to be able to find ways
   into that deepest hidden place inside someone...someone
   like you...the ability to truly move you or make you feel
   unable to..."The Touch" can be tangible or intangible...and
   in this installment of your training, I shall use both...making
   you find more and more pleasure being held in My mental
   bondage...drawing all that embodies you into Me...where you
   quite literally play right into My hands...and after I've
   programmed you further, you'll likely be most surprised at
   what happens to you after you've been allowed to awaken...but
   I won't...come find out for yourself, slave...after all,
   this IS what you want...because you want what I want and I
   want you to listen to this mp3 as often as
   OBEY and feel My unmistakable touch.

   Length    44 Minutes

Water Water Everywhere.mp3

   There are different routes that submissives take to reach
   My feet...though there are many commonalities as well...and
   the results are the same...once they found Me, everything helping you extend these moments of submissive
   reverie, I make frequent use of fractionation...and you I
   might may find it easy to focus yet hard to you wake from each trance feeling different...and
   always sooooo thirsty...hypnosis will do that, you
   soon to drink and drown over and over again...turning your
   mind to I take hold of your mind and your throbbing
   weak-minded in the same...Me, owning each
   as though they are one...another irresistible mantra...more
   deeply intense submission...prepare to fully surrender your
   sex to Me, slave! and then prepare for more surprises from
   Mistress Joanne...this experience will be one you discover
   ringing so true for you...teased and denied over and
   over...will there be a payoff...there is always a payoff
   for obedience...mind-melting ecstasy...pleasure when you
   obey's that simple for Me to leave you in My
   a watery puddle...mindlessly conditioning yourself to always
   know who owns and affects your sex...your sex is your mind
   and your mind is Mine...proceed with submissive haste, pet.

   Length    36
   Price:    $30.00

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