Sunday, March 31, 2013

Audio hypnosis - dirty talking files package vol. 3

The package includes 6 sections : 
Dirty Talking Files package vol. 3

1. Goddess Spiral

I had a couple of Goddess Spiral files in my first hypnodomme post.
I've only found one more since then, and I don't think it's a complete
session.  Judging from the title, it's a hypnotic "induction" using
a different technique from the one I uploaded before.


2. Helen


3.  Hypnogoddess Dreamsender

Another hypnodomme I know nothing about.  Her site
is apparently but it is
very rough, and I don't see any proper page of mp3s
and descriptions:

Meet the DreamSender.mp3


4. Inamorata 
Inamorata is another domme I know little about.  Apparently she
hangs out at, but since I don't have flash,
I can't really tell much from her site.


5. Hypno Domme Ellechemy


6. Goddess Marquesa 

I don't know much about Goddess Marquesa.  She has a very sing-song
style of patter, and her audio description write-ups are incredibly
prolix and over-the-top.  I think I read somewhere she also has an
alternate persona called Krystal Mesmer Her site is

001-Goddess Marquesa-Erotic Femdom Hypnosis-Lost Thought.mp3

                "No, your Marquesa-seduced mind isn't playing tricks on you.
                But I'll certainly keep on playing tricks on you when and
                if I chose. For as Her Hedonistically Hypnotique Highness,
                it is My right and pleasures to do My wanton wickedest with
                you! That's right! I shall employ My sublime majesty and
                other thrilling techniques to implant an irresistible
                suggestion deep within every part of you. And then, BECAUSE
                I CAN, I'll deprive you of all conscious memories of it.
                Once this pleasant task is completed, I'll lift your chiffon
                veil. Everything about your 'hexperiences' as you submissively
                surrender your self to LOST THOUGHT shall wondrously draw
                you worshipfully deeper inside the passion-soaked strands
                of My web of deep satisfactions and erotic mysteries."

002-Goddess Marquesa-Erotic Femdom Hypnosis-Wet Dream Girl (aka Siren).mp3

                This one seems to be recorded with old technology a while ago,
                since there's an audible flub in there that would be easy to
                fix with an audio-file editor.

                "My pleasure-hungering pet, I am about to let you in on a
                little secret.  Even this Emerald Eyes Goddess with My
                wealthy treasure CHEST of Attractive Charms can't be
                everywhere I'm desired all the time.  What's This Mistress
                of Mesmerisms to do to turn your Healthy! Helpful!
                HypnoDominations! beyond the point of no return?  I've come
                up with a First-Class mesmerizing method for both of us to
                enjoy what we crave.  I call Her Marquesa's WET DREAM GIRL.
                Before I INtroDUCE My WET DREAM GIRL EnVoyeur into your
                consciousness, you MUST HAVE SUCCUMBED TO your COPY OF MY
                *HYPNOTIC SURRENDER* EnterTraining audio.  After you've
                obeyed this command, our fun and games will really blast
                off the top of the charts into escalating our enthralling
                ecstasies.  Marquesa's Hypnotic Messenger, WET DREAM GIRL,
                serves Me by fulfilling your fantasies, She is a Succulent
                Succubus of a Special Delivery and a Courier Courtesan.
                Because She's My AmbassAdorable, She knows how to carnally
                handle with care the *ahim* contents of your package you'll
                eagerly give Her.  For as you pleasurably SURRENDER to Me,
                you must willingly SURRENDER to feast on the passionate
                delicacies Special Seductress WET DREAM GIRL is famous for.
                WET DREAM GIRL is very good at what She does for you.  My
                Sexy Siren, The Collector of your delicious superman's-caliber
                sample will bring it to Me and I'll place it in My MAGIC
                BOTTLE witch-crafted just for you.  Are you shy about meeting
                WET DREAM GIRL?  That's alright.  She has wantonly wicked
                ways of making you feel immobilized and helpless to resist
                Her allure.  Each time I send WET DREAM GIRL for your
                MIDNIGHT MILKING you'll tell and show Her how glad you are
                I did.  Even immobilized you will find My spellbinding Siren
                of Seduction SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!"

003-Goddess Marquesa-Erotic Femdom Hypnosis-Hypno Playmate.mp3

                "Hypno Playmate is the ULTIMATE masturbation companion and
                the recording you have all been eagerly awaiting! Do you
                like to look at pictures of naked or sexily clad girls while
                you pleasure yourself? I know you do silly boy! No man can
                resist! And I also know how you have wished that the girl
                in the picture could talk to you and urge you on in the
                business at hand! Wishes do come true........when Marquesa
                is involved! While listening to Hypno Playmate, you will
                find yourself floating into a magical, warm and welcoming
                cave. As you descend down...down...down its tunnel you will
                be 'helped' to sleep. Upon awakening, you will discover
                that the girl in the picture, which you have placed beside
                you, is quite talkative! She is also quite to the point
                about what she would like to do with you and to you! The
                fun really begins when she utters a Magic word I have
                programmed you to respond to. Don't delay. Order this
                recording today. And that IS an order slave boy."

004-Goddess Marquesa-Erotic Femdom Hypnosis-Hypnotic Surrender.mp3

                This is Marquesa's introduction file which she apparently
                would like you to listen to first.

                "You will surrender to My soothing, sexy voice as I place
                you in a blissful trance of hypnotic seduction. you will
                be happy and HORNY you are powerless to resist My SUGGESTIVE
                suggestions. I tenderly and tenaciously take you deeper and
                deeper under My womanly wings of My most coveted and
                compelling control.your obedience will become natural as
                you surrender to My will. I will PLEASURABLY plant powerful,
                post-hypnotic commands that make your flowering submission
                easier and deeper-rooted each time you listen to this
                recording! Effortlessly you shall SALACIOUSLY surrender
                into an ensorcelling eternity of submissive, sensual bliss!
                Perceive & believe and receive the privilege of hearing My
                intoxicating voice any time you wish.

                Like its Creatrix, the *HYPNOTIC SURRENDER* audio is as
                paradoxical as it is potent and passionate.I urge you to
                listen to it as an intimate introduction before you willingly
                submit to any of My other recordings. And yet, 'HYPNOTIC
                SURRENDER' can and does stand on its own stiletto-shod feet.
                It is My wanton world fulFILLED with My wonderful ways of
                making you mind, making you mindless, and making you Mine.
                Imagine doing foreplay, feeling orgasm, and basking in
                afterglow all at the same time.  That's HYPNOTIC SURRENDER!!"

005-Goddess Marquesa-Erotic Femdom Hypnosis-Dream Doctor.mp3

                "Now tell Me, has this ever happened to you? you are having
                a steamy sexual dream. And just when your "erotic sleep
                vision" starts getting really interesting, something comes
                up that ruins everything! This is what's going on. What
                happens, dear boy toy, is your sanctimonious subconscious
                is asserting itself and it's NAUGHTY inhibitions ON TOP
                {where Mistress Marquesa belongeth} of your libido.....
                This subconscious spoil sport's unfulfilling invasion makes
                it impossible for you to get the most ahem ADULT FUN AND
                GAMES out of your SENSUAL sleep-time. Well now just RELAX...
                and tell your Dream Doctor all about it.

                "I've got a PASSIONATE prescription that'll take good care
                of everything. As an expert EROTIC-DOM Hypno-therapist I
                can and will give your inner mind SUGGESTIVE suggestions
                that will pump it up to unleashing you to dream the sensuous
                dreams you CRAVE. Each time the "Dream Doctor" makes a
                HORNIER house call, your final, FANTASTIC out-cum will be
                just what this Dream Doctor ordered!!"

                This emerald-eyed, Dcolletage, mini-smocked Doctor of your
                wet dreams says, "The "DREAM DOCTOR" audio will definitely
                doctor your dreams into lust-filled FANTASIES and fireworks."

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