Saturday, March 23, 2013

Audio hypnosis - dirty talking files package vol. 2

Audio hypnosis - dirty talking files
The package includes 7 sections :

1. Goddess Deseree implies that Goddess Deseree has moved on to regular
Phone sex at  If that's true, and
the picture there has any relation to reality, with those tits and
that pussy, she could probably hypnotize you, or at least *stun*
you without saying anything at all.  There is a sublink that
implies she still does hypnosis, but I couldn't find any link to
mp3s or descriptions, so I don't know what's in these files:

Mp3's list :

Deep Relaxation 1.mp3
Deep Relaxation 2.mp3
Erotic Induction.mp3
Hypnosis Dungeon1.mp3
Hypnosis Dungeon2.mp3
Hypnotic Seduction Part1.mp3
Hypnotic Seduction Part2.mp3
Midnight Slave.mp3
Mind Junkie 1.mp3
Mind Junkie 2.mp3
The Midnight Visit Part1.mp3
The Midnight Visit Part2.mp3
The Mistress Part1.mp3
The Mistress Part2.mp3

File :

2. Doctor Olivia 

Doctor Olivia is either an ex-partner of Mz Dominica or
an alternate persona of Mz Dominica.  They used to be
together on, but I
believe her files are no longer on

Cerebral Control 1.mp3

                Length 43 min.Free Sample

                US $35.00

                The Doctor has the results of your exam back, and the results
                aren't good. that brain has got to come out. Surgery has
                never been this fun or this pleasurable. I make sure that
                you brain is properly cared for, and oh properly adjusted
                to My wishes before its returned to you... But in the mean
                time enjoy the weightless experience of not thinking about
                ANYTHING for awhile. Thats right total blank nothingness
                where I make all the decisions and care for My ever compliant
                and honry patient Mmmmmm...

Cerebral Control 2.mp3

                Length 46 min Free Sample

                US $35.00

                I'm planting My special little devices in you now. you can't
                help but beg for a little more just a little, little lot
                more Mmmmmm. I know your wondering what kind of devices and
                WHERE I have implanted them in you since I control you you
                will simply have to cum here and listen to My MP3 and find
                out... Oh I almost forgot I do have a special little surprise
                waiting for you. Do you want to find out what it is? I know
                you do I know you crave and desire to know what Dr Olivia
                Allure has in store for your brainwashed obedient slave
                body, mind, and soul...

File :

3. Empress Constance


4. Allannah Rivers 

Apparently a British dom, and a member of the Lady Lita Empire,
Enchantress Allannah Rivers hangs out at

Learning to listen.mp3

                Duration:             25 minutes

                Your journey starts here, my first erotic MP3, 'Learning
                To Listen' you will be led and tickled into a deep erotic
                trance, so aroused, as you sink into my pink plush pleasures.
                Learn some lessons in erotic control, and learn to listen
                to and adore my voice.


5.  Enchantress Sapphir 

As far as I can tell, Enchantress Sapphire does not have
her own page, but her audio files are sold by a number of
sites.  Judging from,
this one would appear to be second in a series:

Opening of the GemHeart.mp3


6. Evilena

Evilena apparently hangs her shingle at

Other than that, I know nothing about her.  At least some of her files
would seem to be lesbian femdom hypnosis, which is a bit different
from most of the files in this package.

File :

7. Goddess Kiss of Darkness

Goddess Kiss of Darkness is no longer online, but her
old home was

Unfortunately, the archived version of the site at doesn't work right, and I can get no
file descriptions

Domination 1.mp3
Domination 2.mp3
Domination 3.mp3
Domination 4.mp3

File :

If some link is broken or death just email us to fix it ;)