Sunday, March 10, 2013

Audio hypnosis - dirty talking files package vol. 1

Audio hypnosis - dirty talking files
The package includes 5 sections :

1. Cara - The Colour of Light

I know nothing about Cara except that she used to hang out
at Hypnotic Arianna's site (
Using, I've salvaged a description for
this file:

The Colour of Light.wma

    On my first hypnotic CD, you will enter an amazing tale of
    hypnosis interlude. You will imagine yourself to be my next
    door neighbor, watching me work-out. Suddenly, I call to
    you and ask if you would like to give me a rub-down. I do
    have one tiny little condition though. First, I want to
    hypnotize you. You happily agree and before you know it you
    find yourself captivated by my voice and my small, prism-like,
    crystal pendant. Every thought just disappears and your
    mind enters a deep and peaceful oblivion. You lose control
    and I lead you into my enchanting, dreamlike world.

    This tape is very playful and very powerful, not to mention
    just plain fun. I hope it will be a "mesmerizing" introduction
    to playful hypnosis. It will leave you both relaxed and

    This MP3 is downloadable instantly upon purchase.

    Length: 30 min.

Notice that she calls it a CD, a tape and an mp3.  Technology
was changing rapidly..

(And of course the file as it eventually got torrented was a WMA)

File :

2. Chocolate Whispers  by Lottie

Chocolate Whispers -Training Loop (Remastered) 18:20
Chocolate Whispers by Lottie (Remastered)           45:07

File :

3. Deep Submission


4. Chasity Day Complete

Chasity-Day1-Complete                        24:58
Chasity-Day2-COMPLETE                  29:01
Chasity-Level-3-COMPLETE-volume 34:31


5. Alison Church Feminization mp3's

File :