Monday, March 4, 2013

Angels in the Court (OAV) Episodes 1 - 2

Related anime:
Kaette Kita Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi (OAV) (sequel)

Alternative title:
Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi (Japanese)
Vestiaire olympique (French)
コートの中の天使達 (Japanese)
Genres: comedy, erotica, romance
Themes: sports
Plot Summary: As we all know, men have fantasies, and so does the coach of the Aota Academy. He coaches the volleyball team and begins to have sexual fantasies. Soon, a new girl, Nanase Morimura joins. Fantasies run wild and the coach can't wait to further her education with some extra "lessons."

Censorship: None
Language: Eng

Video: Windows Media Video 7 320x240 314kbps
Audio: WMA 2 32000Hz stereo 32kbps 

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